Hi! I am originally from Fresno, California, and have been performing since I was a kid despite being painfully shy. Being a mixed-race Chicana, I was unsure if I would find a place in the industry, but I am now proud of my ethnicity and hope to use my privilege to create opportunities for others.  I always dreamed of moving to New York, and when I was accepted into the BFA Acting program at Marymount Manhattan College, I took my first-ever plane ride and began my next chapter!  In addition to acting curriculum, I minored in drama therapy and was a member of MMC's resident improv team. I am an avid reader and unsuccessfully avoid joining book clubs (I'm currently a part of three, long story). I am a pretty good cook, great with kids, and despite my social anxiety, am somewhat charming and fun. I am passionate about diversity in theatre, tv, and film. Thanks for visiting my site!

About Me